Cheap DIY Multitouch Surface and LED Display

This is my first attempt at a multitouch surface. I’m using the webcam-cardboard box approach, based on Hackmod. A webcam is mounted inside the cardboard box with a piece of acrylic covered by construction paper on top. I’m using Tbeta to recognize touch events and tracking their location in Java. The display is partitioned into a grid to map gestures to LED’s. A touch event closer to the LED turns it on, and a touch event further away turns it off. Starring Jen Marlow, Iris Howley.

Interactive Water Gun Firing Target

This is a small demo of a basic switch circuit for Making Things Interactive '09. A water gun target acts as a 'switch'. Two wires are attached to the target hole, separated by a ~0.5cm gap. When water hits the target, the circuit is closed, activating an LED display. Starring Jen Marlow, Iris Howley.

Magic Trick Using Light Sensors

This is another demo for Making Things Interactive Spring '09. I'm using 3 photoresistors concealed under a semi-transparent cloth. At the beginning of the trick a chalice covers each photoresistor. When a chalice is lifted, light activates the underlying sensor. The corresponding LED is lit up and the magician can identify the chalice. Starring Jen Marlow, Iris Howley, and Stephen Oney.

Ruben's Tube - Visualizing Sound with Fire

Propane gas is fed through a metal tube. A speaker is attached to one end of the tube, creating standing sound wave inside. When the gas is ignited, fire above the tube takes on the shape of the standing wave. I built an initial version with Stuart Anderson, demoed at the Rossums. I hope to make future demos more interactive.

Technights by Women@SCS

Creative Technology Nights for Girls is a program focused on exposing middle school girls to creative technologies. Using computer animation, web design, programming, robotics, and interactive medias, we hope to engage a future generation of women in technology. This is a promotional video I made together with Jen Marlow.