Tuesday June 12, 2012
DIS'12 workshop in Newcastle, UK
(DIY)biology: Designing for Open Source Science

Sneha Solanki is an artist and often works with technology and science to investigate and work in parallel to technological determinism, regularly employing methods of cultural agency, citizen science and surveillance. She has made works from the invisible signals from military bases, with plants and with computer viruses, referencing the cold war era.

Recently and after a long term interest in 'data making life', Sneha has made synthetic life 'Tituba / pGFP-rrnb + SpaS transformed > amy E, B.Subtilis 168' for an ongoing investigation / work - 'Super-natural' at the 'Center for Bacterial Cell Biology', Newcastle University during an artists' residence with the 'Synthetic Biology Research Group' and exhibited at the AV Festival, 2012, UK.

Prior to this Sneha participated in the synthetic biology 'Synthesis Exchange Lab', UCL / Arts Catalyst, London, 2011; exhibited and performed her plant tissue culturing 'Cultivation Lab', project for 'Our Land is Your Land', CCA, Glasgow, UK, 2011; performed 'Reclaiming the Nostalgia of Kitchen Science', for 'Open_Sauces' at Fo.am, Brussels, BE. For over 10 years until 2012, Sneha also ran an artists led organisation - Polytechnic which emphasised open and distributed approaches to art & technology. Website: http://electronicartist.net/solanki