Tuesday June 12, 2012
DIS'12 workshop in Newcastle, UK
(DIY)biology: Designing for Open Source Science

 Infective Textiles
 Anna Dumitriu and Alex May

 Rethinking the design of bio-bio symbiotic relationships
 Mie Norgaard and Tim Merritt (bios)

 DIY microbial fuel cell
 Eva Sjuve

 Center for Genomic Gastronomy
 Zack Denfeld and Cat Kramer (bios)

 The (Social) Practices of DIYbio
 Graham Dean, Gordon Blair, Monika Buscher (bio)

 DNA from Kiwi
 Bioplastic Toys
 Brian Degger (bio)

 The Recipe Exchange
 Helen Pritchard

 DIYbio Manchester
 Hwa Young Jung (website)

 Inflatable Origami
 Ben Dalton (bio)

 Sneha Solanki (bio)

 Jen Southern and Rod Dillon (bios)

 Bednets not Bombs
 Viv Dillon (bio)

 DIY bloodfeeding for bloodsucking insects
 Rod Dillon (bio)

 Sterile Working 
 David Molnar (blog)

 High-Low Tech, MIT Media Lab
 David A. Mellis (website)

 Centre for Life, Newcastle
 Nicola Stock (bio)