Tuesday June 12, 2012
DIS'12 workshop in Newcastle, UK
(DIY)biology: Designing for Open Source Science

Submissions due March 23, 2012
Contact: stace@cmu.edu

During our one-day workshop, we will work directly with (DIY) biology practitioners to gain a shared understanding of the practices, materials and challenges behind hobby biology. The workshop will be structured around several hands-on biology-related activities, which will be used to seed brainstorming and discussions. The hands-on activities will enable participants to experience some of the issues associated with working with organic materials and re-envision the role of HCI in this emerging space.

Interested participants are invited to submit using one of three artifacts:

In addition, participants are asked to submit a brief (200 word) biography and photo.

Submissions will be accepted based on originality and quality, and will represent a spectrum of viewpoints and participant backgrounds. Submissions from underrepresented disciplines in the HCI community will be particularly welcome (e.g., biology, art, anthropology, literature, philosophy, political science).

Submissions may be sent by email to stace@cmu.edu by March 16, 2012.