Tuesday June 12, 2012
DIS'12 workshop in Newcastle, UK
(DIY)biology: Designing for Open Source Science

Registration/Check-in, 8am-9am
Newcastle University's Herschel Building. [campus map]

DIYbio Workshop, 9am-6pm
Newcastle University's Culture Lab, Space 8 & Workshop Space 1. Introductions, 2-minute madness & hands-on sessions [campus map]

Lunch, 12.30pm
Lunch will be served at the Great North Museum

Drinks & Dinner, 7pm
Informal discussion and dinner at The Forth Hotel in Newcastle

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DIYbio (Do It Yourself Biology) is a growing community of biologists, artists, engineers and hobbyists who pursue biology projects outside of professional laboratories. (DIY)bio projects range from gardening and experiments with food, to creating biosensors, genetically modifying organisms or building biology equipment from off the shelf parts. As these developments continue to expand science practice beyond professional settings and into hackspaces, art studios and private homes, human computer interaction (HCI) research is presented with a host of new opportunities and concerns.

Our one-day DIS'12 workshop will bring together a diverse group of designers and HCI researchers, as well as biologists, bioartists, and members of the DIYbio community to critically re-envision the role HCI might play at the intersection of biology, computation and DIY. We will engage directly with DIYbio initiatives to explore the materials, practices and challenges of garage biology. Drawing on presentations from participants who work with organic materials, hands-on biology activities (such as extracting DNA), and structured discussions, we hope to address themes such as: opportunities and implications for integrating organic materials into interactive systems; technologies that support and hinder public engagement with science; and HCI's role in the public discourse around bioethics and biosafety.

We invite you to participate! Please read more about our workshop themes or download our extended abstract.

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