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Accepted Submissions

Urban Trend Hunter
Nathalie Jager

Particle Falls: Large-scale Public Visualization of Real-time Particulate Pollution
Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga

How to Eat a GMO
The Center for Genomic Gastronomy (description)

The Political Sensorium [pdf]
Martyn Dade-Robertson (bio)

Datascape, a Vehicle-based Geographic Storytelling Platform [pdf]
Eric Kabisch

An Urban Experiment on the Domestication of Urban Public Space [pdf]
Michail Galanakis

Will Longden

The Living Voters Guide
Travis Kriplean and Alan Borning

preserving ephemera: reclaiming critiques of the 2010 Olympics [pdf]
Danielle Lafrance & Lisa Nathan

Facebook as a Site of Public Deliberation on Local Sustainability Policy [pdf]
Susanna Haas Lyons (bio)

Urban Co-Creation: Envisioning New Digital Tools for Activism and Experimentation in the City [pdf]
Marian Dörk and David Monteyne (bios)

Exploring the Design Space of Telephony Applications for Community Organizations and Social Activism [pdf]
Derek Lomas and Kishan Patel (bio)

West House: The Challenges of Bringing Sustainable Home Research into Practice [pdf]
Lyn Bartram (bio)

Equipping Collaborative Computing Spaces: A [re] Design at the Mary Brown Center
Deven Gibbs, Suzanne Im, Shameem Rakha and Ithamar Ritz

Civic Engagement, a Proposed Project [pdf]
Jonathan Sillito, Maria Bakardjieva and Marian Dörk (bio)

Where you Least Expect it: Maternity Activism in a Rural Community in Australia [pdf]
Joanne White

Urban-Rural Binding and Collective Action Workshop Proposal [pdf]
Jeffery Warren, Sara Ann Wylie, Matthew Hockenberry, Reed Underwood and
Chris Csikszentmihalyi (MIT Center for Future Civic Media)

Sean Donahue

Plug-in-Play [pdf]
Ellen Haller, James Tichenor and Joshua Walton

Annotate Space [pdf]
Andrea Moed

Mobilizing Shared Capital for Grassroots Action [pdf]
Timothy Maciag, Daryl H. Hepting and Roger A. Petry (bios)

Keeping in Touch: A design and reflection exercise [pdf]
Constance Fleuriot

Mobilizing for community building and everyday innovation [pdf]
Signe L. Yndigegn, Tau Ulv Lenskjold, Sissel Olander and Maria Foverskov (bios)

An Autoethnographical Design: Using Autoethnographic Methods to Understand and Portray Experience through Design [pdf]
Madeline Balaam (bio)

The Importance of Politics: the Role of HCI in Mixed-Reality Communities [pdf]
Evangelos Kapros (bio)

Connect 2 Congress
Peter Kinnaird

Common Sense
Paul Aoki and Allison Woodruff

Bridging Between Grassroots Movements and Nonprofit Organizations [pdf]
Amy Voida

Online Organizing for Bike Fun: Understanding Social Barriers to Participation [pdf]
Evan Dickinson and Meghan Deutscher (bios)

Greenwalls [pdf]
Vanessa Carpenter, Nikolaj "Dzl" Møbius, Amanda Willis and Mona Jensen

Security goes to ground: on the applicability of Security Entrepreneurship to Grassroot Activism [pdf]
Shamal Faily (bio)

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