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Sean Donahue
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"LA HAS FAULTS", A multifaceted initiative that focuses on designing new communication spaces that facilitate community lead dialogue around emergency preparedness initiatives and information throughout the culturally diverse mosaic of Los Angeles Latino communities. A key objective was to design appropriate means of outreach that can work at a grassroots level with some of the most underserved populations, who will be at great risk during and after a catastrophic event. Our contemporary digital context and the explosion of participatory media platforms and social networks are powerful channels for learning and civic engagement that the initiative is also tapping into, with the conviction that we can foster an unprecedented level of receptiveness to ideas that may galvanize the public to engage in preparedness as a matter of lifestyle and informed choice—as lead and defined by their interests and community leaders. The new paradigms for communication created by the project also aspire to provide a blueprint for mitigation efforts that are also vitally needed beyond Los Angeles, and statewide in California and beyond.

Sean Donahue is principle of ResearchCenteredDesign, a Los Angeles based design practice, and the Director of Research for the Humanities and Design Sciences at Art Center College of Design. His practice consists of professional commissions, self-initiated research, design advocacy, education and publishing. Sean has accumulated a portfolio of projects that, by their very execution, question how and where design is able to make a significant, contribution. His persistence in moving from theory to practice has resulted in the development of projects ranging from media impact studies for city development to hybrid languages for low and no-vision communities.

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