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Be bold. Play strategically. Think emotionally. Unite unexpectedly.

May 7, 9.00-11.30
Introductions, 1-minute madness
Vancouver Convention Centre, 114-115

May 7, afternoon
Off-site visits with Vancouver groups
In-situ explorations [see map]

May 7, 19.00
Reception, informal talks and demos
Steamworks Brewing Co, Wine Room

May 8, 10.30-18.30
Synthesis, brainstorm, reflection
SFU Woodwards, The World Arts Centre (entrance on W. Cordova Street)
map of nearby lunch spots

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Join us in an exploratory two-day engagement with politics in and around Vancouver. Come with an open mind, fertile imagination and willingness to collaborate. Leave with new perspectives, synergies with grassroots movements and invigorated research ideas.

This is a hands-on workshop. We will not be reading papers all day. We will not be huddled in a dark hotel room. We will not marvel at each others' fancy new slides. It's time for HCI practitioners to open a real and healthy dialogue with grassroots communities and political themes. Help us initiate this vital new research direction.

Working together with local organizations in Vancouver, we will try to understand the processes, challenges and motivations that drive bottom-up movements. We will debate the needs and applicability of HCI practices to further the efforts of grassroots activists. We will propose new strategies, explore technical interventions and create political artifacts. We will make mistakes and we won't always be right.

We invite you to contribute to the bottom-up processes that shape Vancouver, the city hosting CHI'11. Please read more about our workshop themes, take a look at our workshop flyer or download our extended abstract.

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