Understanding the Use of Common Organisms as Biomarkers and Bioindicators


We are researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, working on a project related to "biosensing", "biomarkers" and "bioindicators". We want to know how plants, animals and other organisms can be used to monitor the environment or tell us something about our ecosystem. In the name of science and for fun, please share some examples from your own work or personal experience.

Poplar leaf discoloration caused by ozone pollution

Bat populations as bioindicators of environmental stress and biodiversity

Phytoplankton boom due to sewer runoff and pesticide use


1. Can you think of other organisms (plants, animals, bacteria, etc) that can be used to infer information about the environment? Where are these organisms found? When and how have you used them?



2. Upload an image of an organism that can be used as a biomarker or bioindicator.

What is the name of this organism and what can it tell us?



3. What is your email in case we'd like to ask you some follow-up questions?

By completing this survey, you certify that you are at least 18 years of age and agree with the consent form of the study. Please feel free to contact or if you have any questions or comments.